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type 1 diabetes

  1. Siân96

    Online Research study - Type One Diabetics

    Hi all, I'm a third-year undergraduate, studying psychology. I'm looking into how individuals manage their type one diabetes. I would like to ask if anyone would take part in my dissertation's research. To take part you must be over 18 and have a clinical diagnosis of type one diabetes. You...
  2. J

    Type 1 diabetics wanted! Short survey on the effects of different glucose monitoring systems.

    Hello everyone, I am a fellow Type 1 Diabetic and I am looking for other Type 1 Diabetics to take part in a short 10 minute survey. I have decided to focus my final year project on the differences in psychological well-being and quality of life in Type 1 diabetics depending on which monitoring...
  3. C

    Weight gain/protein shakes

    hi people, so I’m wanting to get back in the gym to get fit and healthy again and I was wondering how it works taking protein shakes( while keeping my insulin intake with the carbs) and just general weight gain tips for a type 1 diabetic overall? Please help
  4. J

    Newbie - Help for Teenager with Type 1

    Hi, Would anyone know of any teenage events for teenagers with diabetes? a close friend of mine son was diagnosed when he was 11, he's now 14 and struggling to accept the daily regime to keep him alive of blood sugar readings and giving himself correct doses of insulin he'd rather just grab a...
  5. B

    I think I have diabetes and Im worried

    I went to the doctor worried I might have diabetes or some form of it about 3 years ago and she sent me home with a blood testing kit and I had to record my bloods for a week. She read over them and said they were a little bit off but they were ok and nothing else was done about it I have...
  6. Diabetes UK

    Breaking News: A huge step forward in the Fight for Flash

    On World Diabetes Day (and I suspect, in honour of our support forum's 10th Birthday) - NHS England announced an end to the flash glucose monitoring postcode lottery. From April, this life-changing technology will be available on prescription across England to those who meet the criteria – no...
  7. M

    Life Insurance

    I'm trying to get life insurance and as a type 1 diabetic for 30+ years, I am having trouble finding cover. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks
  8. Diabetes UK

    BLOG: Research news from the EASD

    The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) conference drew to a close in Berlin last week. Anna Morris, our Assistant Director of Research Strategy and Partnership, was there to bring us back the latest diabetes research news. First up, Type 1 highlights...
  9. T

    Are you a parent/carer of a child with type 1 diabetes, asthma or epilepsy - research opportunity

    Hi everyone We are two trainee clinical psychologists from the University of Sheffield, doing some research into the experiences of parents/carers who have children with either type 1 diabetes, epilepsy or asthma. We would like to invite these parents to take part in our study. Please see below...
  10. Diabetes UK

    We're doing research to improve our Information Guides

    Could you help us shape Diabetes UK’s printed health guides of the future? We’re looking for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to participate in some research. You will need to have ordered one of our guides yourself, or have received them from a healthcare professional or volunteer, in...
  11. Diabetes UK

    Learning Zone

    Learning Zone - Free online learning tool to help you with the everyday challenges of diabetes Learning Zone has been created by Diabetes UK in partnership with people living with diabetes. It combines the expertise of diabetes professionals with the wisdom of everyday people living with...
  12. Diabetes UK

    Type 1 Taster Event - London 17th November

    Type 1 Tasters is a brand new cookery based event, designed specifically for 18-25 year old's with Type 1 diabetes. You may have just been diagnosed, lived with Type 1 for years, recently moved into your own place or heading off to Uni soon. Or maybe you just want some tips and support to keep...
  13. Diabetes UK

    BBC Radio London: 1-hour special about living with Type 1 diabetes

    BBC London Radio Drivetime with Eddie Nestor A one-hour special on BBC Radio London about living with Type 1 diabetes featuring Diabetes UK spokesperson Pav Kalsi, Senior Clinical Advisor and Diabetes UK volunteer, Erin Kirby, along with 12-year-old who has Type 1 and his mum. Listeners heard a...
  14. AMcG

    Fit for Dive medical - Diving with new Type 1 diagnosis

    Hello! I'm going travelling soon to South East Asia and really really want to dive. I got my open water to 18m in Malta 2 years ago and haven't done a dive since I was diagnosed in March 2018 haven't had and hypo's where I've blacked out. Not been a total super-woman at bloody sugars but...
  15. Diabetes UK

    Type 1 bag for Parents

    Our Type 1 bag is specifically designed for parents who have a child who has been newly diagnosed. It’s a support pack and contains information, resources and stories from other families to help parents come to terms with what a new Type 1 diagnosis means. The Type 1 bag includes: A parent’s...
  16. K

    Blood sugar spikes in the morning, hypos by lunch time. T1

    Hi all, I know this is not something I'm alone in experiencing, but I'm not sure how to fix it. Background, I have had T1 diabetes for four years in August. Recently I've been doing a lot more exercise so my carb counting ratios have changed, I'm currently trying to work out what my new ratios...
  17. G

    Type 1 and employment discrimination

    Hi all I’m wondering if anyone can offer any advice or support? I have been a type 1 diabetic since the age of 7 (am now 29) and have always tried to work a normal and healthy life. However after having Diabetes for 22 years does unfortunately have an effect on your health, and as a result...
  18. Alba37

    Looking for a child about using the Libre in Scotland

    Scotland - The Type 1 in Scotland Facebook Group is looking for a child case study for possible media coverage on the Libre, so if you have tried it and feel it would benefit to have funding of it and are happy to help please join the campaign group. Another option would be if you feel it could...
  19. K

    Very high morning blood sugar

    Hello everyone This is my first time posting on here so apologies if I get anything wrong.. I'm type 1 diabetic and every morning for about 2 years my blood sugar is above 20. I've tried splitting my levemir dose, increasing and decreasing, have been put on metformin.. everything! My diabetic...
  20. R

    Recruiting research participants with Type 1 diabetes

    Have you been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes? If so, and if you meet the criteria below, we would like to invite you to take part in a research study that is being carried out at the University of East Anglia. The research will involve completing online, anonymous questionnaires that should...