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type 1 diabetes

  1. K

    Anxious and panicking

    Hi I’m type 1 on a pump, 16 weeks pregnant and feeling really low. I have history of anxiety but worked really hard with the preconception team for 5 years to become healthy enough with a good hba1c. It happened relatively quickly since we started trying but since finding out I have been feeling...
  2. S

    Travels to NZ

    Hi All, I could really use some of your wise knowledge if possible! I'm due to go on a 6 month sabbatical from january and trying to figure out the best way to deal with my prescriptions and storage. I am a type 1 diabetic taking novo rapid, lanctus and metformin and also have an underachieve...
  3. H

    Drinking and going out

    I have had type 1 diabetes for 2 months and have not been on a night out or drank alcohol ever since. I guess I'm a bit afraid and wary. Any tips on how to manage drinking? how will alcohol affect me, what drinks to have/to avoid? I've heard you have to snack after each alcoholic drink? I've...
  4. tigerella


    Can any type 1 diabetic use this, or is it for pen users only? I am on a accu - check insight pump and am interested in the suitability and compatability . Can anyone advise if this is possible?
  5. H


    I am a newly diagnosed type 1, about 1.5 months. I am on novorapid insulin and levemir insulin (fast acting and background). I'm after some advice on snacking. What and how can I snack without it changing my blood sugar levels too much? Do snacks always have to be under 10g of carbs or can I...
  6. H

    Newly diagnosed type 1!

    hey, I have had type 1 for about a month and a half now and although I have managed to get a hang of this new routine, I would be grateful for some top tips about dealing with type 1 and any tips and tricks you think it would be worth me knowing! thanks!
  7. Matt Fox

    Income protection insurance

    Hello, I'm a self-employed photographer and so far I can't find anywhere that can provide me with income protection insurance. Has anyone with type 1 diabetes had any luck with this? Thanks, Matt
  8. E

    Type 1 survey

    Hi everyone. I'm doing a survey to gather some information on issues type 1's have with social issues and work for example. If you have a spare minute id appreciate you taking the time to do my survey. It's for the young leaders project. Thank you. https://www.esurveycreator.co.uk/s/d25192a
  9. E

    Need advice on Type 1 Diabetes

    Hi there, my friend has Type 1 Diabetes and has been struggling with very painful leg cramps, which are becoming frequent. He takes high blood pressure medication in addition to insulin shots. He also only has one meal a day, as he says he has no appetite in the mornings and is worried about his...
  10. S


    Hello! I have been diagnosed Type 1 since 2012 but I am new to this forum. My dad is also Type 1 Diabetic, but other than that, I don't personally know anyone else with it. As we all may know, it can feel a little lonely sometimes so I am just looking to feel involved in the diabetic...
  11. Paula Maddison-Green

    CANCELLED Type 1 Event Looking for urgent sign ups! Leeds Area

    Hi All Please click on the link to see up and coming Type 1 Event in the Leeds area being delivered by Leeds Beckett University! If anyone does go please can they post feedback on this thread following the event? We need as many people signed up as possible...
  12. B

    Youtube Series on Type 1 Diabetes - Help needed!

    Hello! I'm a 16 year old Type 1 Diabetic who is currently working on a youtube series on Type 1 diabetes. I've been planning this for over 10 months now and i've begun to work on individual videos. My audience for this particular series are young diabetics, newly-diagnosed diabetics and people...