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Our Type 1 bag is specifically designed for parents who have a child who has been newly diagnosed. It’s a support pack and contains information, resources and stories from other families to help parents come to terms with what a new Type 1 diagnosis means.

The Type 1 bag includes:
  • A parent’s guide to Type 1 diabetes, our in-depth guide for families
  • My Life, our magazine for children.
  • Here for you, a guide to the support that is on offer at diagnosis and beyond.
  • ‘Make the grade’ parent pack, with everything parents need to make sure their child is happy and healthy at school.
  • Away from home guide, which parents can fill in to provide practical information for anyone who is looking after their child.
Our Type 1 bag is free to order. And when you order it, you can sign up to receive further support and information from Diabetes UK.




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We just received our bag on Friday and found it to be very helpful, thank you ☺️