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Hello everyone


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I am a Type one diabetic (diagnosed age 9) so I am not a newbie but definitely new to this forum! I am a pump user and representative of my student led project called 'Sweetcycle'. I have always struggled with controlling my type one, especially as a teen... my hormones meant I was on a different basal pretty much weekly...

We are currently prototyping a new app for type one diabetes - which is a pretty big task! The project is very close to our hearts and we would love to get as many type ones involved as possible to create an app that caters to all devices and needs.
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Hello Sweetcycle

Welcome to the forum!

If you’d like some feedback from members you would need to get approval from Diabetes UK. We dont allow advertising, and research projects usually need ethics committee approval, but design projects don’t always have a committee to approach, so your best bet might be just to use the contact form to discuss your project with Diabetes UK and see if we can help :)


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Welcome to the forum as Mike said there are ways that DUK could help you, but you will have to go through their approval.
I hope you enjoy your time on the forum and if you have any questions then feel free to ask.