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type 1

  1. T

    Tingling lips

    Hi all. This is a bit of an odd one but does anyone have constantly tingling/throbbing lips? Diagnosed t2 but GP suspects LADA, waiting on tests at the hospital. Have a FL2 and my sugars are within range. Drinking plenty of water also. Take metformin, dapag and glic. No allergies. Any...
  2. N

    Participation in type 1 diabetes survey for people living in England!

    If you are an adult living in England and have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, please and would like to make your contribution to research on diabetes, please participate in the anonymous survey below! Less than 5 minutes needed! You are free to omit any question! Your participation is...
  3. V

    New here, needing pump advice

    Hi Everyone, Although I am not new to diabetes (type 1 for 20 years) I am looking for some advice on moving from injection pens to a pump, to help get better control of extreme fluctuations in sugar levels. I have done some initial research and I would prefer a patch pump. I have the option of...
  4. L

    Type 1 weight loss success stories

    Hello, Instead of posting about my frustrations, I would love to hear some motivating stories from Type 1 diabetics who have been working to loose some weight. What worked for you? What were the best tips you followed? I am trying to keep a low carb diet and fit in more exercise, but I could...
  5. pondita

    Severe hypo after Lantus

    Hi all. I had a severe hypo after injecting my Lantus last night. The first time that happened to me since my LADA diagnosis 5 months ago, and at the risk of sounding dramatic, I’m feeling this morning like I literally had a brush with death. I take 8 units of Lantus at about 10 pm daily...
  6. B3cky

    Missing my team in lockdown

    Hello everyone, I am feeling a bit distant from my healthcare team at the moment so am making a lot of decisions about my treatment on my own. Thought talking to other diabetics might help! Anyone else feeling this?
  7. P

    Type 1 diabetic of 33 years and trulicity - I’m not sure I should be taking it?

    Hi everyone, Long story short : Can any t1s on trulicity tell me its OK? Did it help them? I am a type 1 diabetic who is overweight. They want to put me on trulicity and I am worried because I cant see how it can help me (I eat fairly healthily and rarely snack other than for a hypo when i...
  8. LittleSunflower


    Hello all, hope you’re all keeping well. I am in need of a little advice from you; over the past few months I have been unintentionally losing weight. I am part of the NDPP (NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme) for Type 2 which requires me to weigh myself before every session (roughly every 4...
  9. C

    Does anyone have a spare Dexcom G6 receiver?

    Hello! I am looking to get rid of my smartphone, but I can't use my dexcom without it. Problem is that I can't afford the Dexcom G6 receiver at £300. I was wondering whether anyone on here has one they no longer use and would be willing to part with? Thanks in advance!
  10. T

    Type 1 Diabetic exercise study

    Hello Everyone, As I am very new to these forums, I was just writing to see if there may possibly be any interest in a research study I intend to be doing next month. As a Type 1 diabetic myself, I have decided that my 3rd year university dissertation will be based around observing the impacts...
  11. I

    Hi, im new here.

    I was recently diagnosed with type 1 on Christmas Eve after I had a DKA. (I had no idea I was diabetic before this) Anyway, is it normal to have quite high ketone levels (above 1) after? I'm struggling to keep them down.. They dont go above 1.6 but I'm worried as they dont seem to go below 1...
  12. B

    Self funded pump

    Hi All I hope you can help... My NHS trust does not offer pumps to adults, I’ve been very lucky in that the company my dad works for has agreed to fund a pump for me. Has anyone self funded a pump or knows how I go about doing this? Also any recommendations on pumps would be greatly...
  13. A

    New to type 1 diabetes

    Hi all, I have recently been diagnosed with type 1 and I have started monitoring my blood glucose levels and I am taking a set amount of insulin every day. I’m concerned as my blood glucose levels have been rising over the last 2 days and my latest reading tonight was 18mmol/L. The thought that...
  14. M

    Research survey about the management of Type 1 diabetes

    Hi All! My name is Alex and I'm a design student at the University of Leeds. I am currently undertaking a dissertation project surrounding the management of Type 1 diabetes and any products that are used to do this. I am undertaking some broad research to highlight the main problems people have...
  15. Andrew04

    Type 1 and 0 support

    Hi everyone, Hope everyone is well and staying safe. I have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes this April and ever since I embarked on a medical rollercoaster. Firstly, since I was the first one in the family to ever receive this diagnosis I had no idea what to expect. I was given an initial...
  16. D

    New to the forum!

    Hey lovely people! I've never used a forum before! My name is Emily - I go by Em most of the time though! I have been running an instagram account for around 2 years called @dolceanddiabetic and I have just set up a blog dolceanddiabetic.wordpress.com - ready to be more open and honest about my...
  17. M

    Wanting to help young families / newly diagnosed.

    Good Afternoon, Born in 1990 & Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 1994. I recently “helped out” a 8 year old who had been diagnosed 18+ months ago with diabetes, it was a friend of a family friend and his parents were struggling with the everyday problems and found the doctors/nurses at times...
  18. Midnightcatpatrol

    Another newbie

    Hi. Newly diagnosed T1 at the ripe old age of 35. I was otherwise fit and well but caught COVID in march. After that I lost 15kg iof weight in 3 months. Started to pee all the time and following each pee with another glass of water.. I couldn't get through a night unbroken in the weeks leading...
  19. betheaton

    Newly diagnosed type 1

    Newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic here! Had to deal with the diagnosis alone due to coronavirus and have been in hospital since Friday morning due to having DKA. Been discharged and feeling pretty apprehensive about managing life outside of hospital. Has anyone got any useful advice or hacks which...
  20. J

    Newly diagnosed type 1 help please!

    Hi all I recently came out of hospital last week after finding out I am a type 1 diabetic. I have to check my blood sugar levels 4x a day. I’ve found that a week in it’s becoming harder to get enough blood out of my fingers. Any tips on keeping your fingers in soft and how to rotate pricking...