weight loss

  1. C

    Type 1 & Veganism

    Hi everyone, I've had type 1 diabetes for about 2 and a half years now and have recently gone vegan (just under a month ago). I was wondering if anyone had any experience of being a type 1 vegan and the effects a vegan diet can have on your BG control. I know with going plant based, I'm eating...
  2. L

    Newly diagnosed type 1 saying hello!

    Hello everyone. Just a message to say hello and tell my story if you've got time to read :) I was on holiday in Tenerife with my dad beginning of July when I realised things had got a bit strange..I was drinking ALL the time, peeing ALL the time, getting lethargic for no reason when I'm a very...
  3. M

    Weight loss and insulin

    Hi there, I've been trying to lose weight for months but I just cannot seem to figure it out. I eat the low carb meals which can be down to 3g carbs, three times a day(breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I also workout about 5 times a week (2 days crossfit and 2 to 3 times HIIT for running) is there...
  4. B

    Sure I have type 2

    Over the last few months I have been losing weight, and after a bottle of my home brew wine which is full of sugar I had the classic symptoms of thirst and getting up in the night several times to go to the toilet. However since then the symptoms have gone, perhaps the weight loss has helped. I...
  5. Leanne-618

    Son, 6, very recently diagnosed - Type 1

    Hi Everyone, So this will be quite a story but I'll get there eventually:- My son who is 6 (born Sep '09) has always wet the bed, always worn a pull up for bed and could wee at night anywhere between once - 5 times. Having tried to get him out of pull ups, I decided to take it up with the...
  6. Northerner

    Scientists say they've figured out why exercise on its own won't make you lose weight

    Anyone who's spent hours slaving away on the treadmill will know that more exercise doesn't always equal more weight lost, and now new research could explain why. Scientists have found that, after a certain point, our bodies seem to adapt to higher activity levels, and actually stop burning...