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Type 1 weight loss success stories


Relationship to Diabetes
Type 1

Instead of posting about my frustrations, I would love to hear some motivating stories from Type 1 diabetics who have been working to loose some weight. What worked for you? What were the best tips you followed?

I am trying to keep a low carb diet and fit in more exercise, but I could do with some motivation to keep going as I have some very reluctant scales at home!



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Relationship to Diabetes
Type 1
Reducing carbs slightly and watching out for extra nibbles worked for me on the one occasion I needed to lose weight. I kept a food diary for a week and could see places where I was eating unnecessarily. The amount of food wasn’t huge but it was a habit I’d got into. I stopped that, and the weight dropped off over the next few weeks. I also reduced the amount of fat I was eating.

I didn’t eat low carb because I think it makes things harder, but I did reduce my daily carbs by around 40g. So from something like 210g per day down to 170g approx. The main thing was cutting out nibbles and sneaky extras, and keeping that up day after day. Consistency is important.
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