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  1. Maja_UofS

    Type 2 Diabetes research project - Exploring people’s experiences of online support forums on T2D self-management

    Hi all, My name is Maja and I am a Health Psychology masters student at the University of Stirling. I am conducting an interview study to explore how online support forums influence self-management and interactions with healthcare professionals for those living with type 2 diabetes. The study...
  2. Lovinglife

    I've made a video on my journey to long term remission with type 2 and want to share to help others

    I made this video sharing how I put my type 2 into reverse and lost 50lbs in weight too. A definite side effect of lowering my carb intake. All carbs turn to sugar and diabetics are basically sugar intollerent. The less sugar the better. 45 minutes and 79 slides showing my journey which I...
  3. A

    Participants needed! Online workshops exploring T2D self-management

    Hi everyone, I am a Health Psychology MSc student at Liverpool John Moores University studying self-management of type 2 diabetes and possible support interventions. I am looking to hold a series of online group workshops with 3-4 people to gain insight of your experiences and opinions of...
  4. Lovinglife


    Yesterday Freshwell GP surgery in the UK launched a wonderful Low Carb app. Not for profit. Free to download. No ads, pop ups or premium membership. It should be available globally in the next day or so. What an excellent resource especially for those new to low carb. Very well thought out...
  5. ColinUK

    Carbs & Cals App

    Just downloaded the Carbs & Cals app and looking for guidance on the macros. Or thinking I just use it for getting to grips with carb awareness and adjust macros later on maybe? Thoughts, comments, advice etc welcome as always. Colin
  6. LilyJeffery

    Opportunity to participate in research exploring T2D lifestyle behaviours for remission (short survey) (UK-based)

    Are you living with Type 2 Diabetes, in the UK, and interested in taking part in a short research study? My name is Lily Jeffery, I am a post-graduate student at Manchester Metropolitan University, completing a MSc in Human Nutrition. I would like to invite you to take part in a short survey...
  7. I

    A valid comparison of Very Low Calorie vs Low Carb ?

    I think this is a fair and valid comparison of 2 of the 4 possible paths to T2D remission:
  8. ColinUK

    HbA1C update

    Thought I’d share.... my HbA1C is now 38!
  9. I

    DIRECT study results much poorer than presented?

    I have been seeing tweets about the NHS Shakes and that the DIRECT 2yr study results don't justify the Very Low Calorie Diet push. Indeed, if the underlying data is as tweeter @AmandaZZ100 says, I would consider it scandalous that they have been presented as such a success! Relevant Twitter thread:
  10. ColinUK

    Rice cooker that removes the sugars....

    Someone on Facebook mentioned this. I’d never heard of it before but it seems like magic mixed with science stuff. Apparently it cooks rice in a way that it removes the carbs and is therefore ok for diabetics. https://www.grayns.com/
  11. ColinUK

    Travel Insurance

    I just went through the AllClear website to get a quote for an annual policy to cover Europe as I’m hopeful there will be a number of short trips to the continent over the next 12 months and obviously wouldn’t do it without insurance. I’ve declared everything and it’s so cheap the question has...
  12. ColinUK

    Metformin - side effect?

    So I finally picked up the new prescription for my metformin yesterday and took a tablet this morning. Monday I’ll call the GP to have a conversation. A few times whilst taking metformin I’ve experienced something very disconcerting. I’ve stood up and have almost keeled over. I’ve had a short...
  13. ColinUK


    So I’ve run out of metformin. Oops. Just ordered a report prescription but it’ll be interesting to see what my stats are like without it for the weekend I guess.
  14. I

    Reversing T2 Diabetes

    Published today: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes by Prof Tim Noakes https://nutrition-network.org/reversing-type-2-diabetes-mellitus-prof-tim-noakes/ I have 2 comments: 1. Not all will agree with the title, perhaps it should be called reversing the progression of type 2 diabetes. 2. While it is quite...
  15. ColinUK

    BG spike - time to up metformin?

    Last few days I’ve seen my BG levels spike. It’s gone from pretty stable 5.5-6.1 to double that. I’m thinking of contracting the GP surgery and asking permission to double my metformin from 500x2 once daily to twice daily. As I’ve said elsewhere I’m not well and am displaying CV19 symptoms so...
  16. ColinUK


    I just went to one for the first time in living memory! Nothing too ridiculous but 15 mins treadmill, 10 on the x-trainer and then some very low weight chest press and even lower weight shoulder press. And I’ve booked a space in a yoga class next Wednesday evening. :)
  17. Neens

    2 Months Today

    I noticed today that there are several posts from members who are marking 2 years with T2D. @Brando77 & @Eddy Edson - I'm looking at you! So I feel a little bit silly posting this now as it doesn't seem like such a milestone day... but it is, for me. The truth is the time has flown (may have...
  18. ColinUK

    First diabetic nurse appointment coming up

    As the title suggests I’ve got my first appointment coming up (next Monday so I’m not going to stress about it!) with the diabetes nurse. I’m curious what I should expect to be discussed and to happen so any guidance or hints would be gratefully received :)
  19. ColinUK

    Apps - what’s your fav for logging results and monitoring?

    I make no apology for being an information sponge right now! Another question is about apps. I already use the Apple health app to record stats so I’ve update it to record BG levels too but the question is more about the specific BG apps like: Glucose Buddy One Drop and the others. Is there...
  20. ColinUK

    Disposal of sharps and question about wipes

    I know we can’t use normal wipes before jabbing our fingers but it’s not always possible to wash hands with soap and water before testing either so which alcohol free wipes do folks prefer to have with them just in case? Also how do you dispose of the lancets and strips afterwards? Currently...