Poorly :(


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@Northerner I was prescribed Lansoprazole one a day first thing before I eat anything, honestly for me it has been a godsend. I had no side effects at all and continue to take it, my cough as I said disappeared within about 10 days, couldn’t believe it after two years. Possibly speak to your GP and see what they say x


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Yes! I have had the cough too! I have been putting that down to the asthma, and the frequent hiccoughing down to the asthma medication!
Have a look at pancreatic conditions, such as PEI and or pancreatitis. I've had to cut fat right the way down in my diet due to the problems caused by elevated Serum amylase levels.

I'm hoping that someone somewhere will wake up in the hospital at some point and prescribe Creon so I can have a normal diet again fairly soon. GP referred me to the wrong dept. so now have to wait until I speak to him to get another referral to the correct dept. The saying feels like death warmed up springs to mind.


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I got a Rington's hamper for Christmas! :) My Dad used to work for them when I was a kid in the 1960s :)

Did it contain those hand baked ginger snaps, simply the best.

As long as remember mother bought from Rington's, as far back as 60's maybe before,she drank it right up to end. Carried on tradition, no other tea as good.
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Hi Alan so sorry you are still feeling rough, the Omeprazole will certainly help but my gut instinct
excuse the pun, as I have been through what you describe is to try and get an Endoscopy check.
At least it will either confirm or dismiss problems with your reflux problem.

I am also on Lansoprazole as @SueEK has said and have been for 20 years with no reflux issues,
I used to burn so bad and as @mikeydt1 said milk would stop it for a short period but 5 pints a day
got too much and my new doctor now my friend send me for an Endoscope test and it confirmed
three problems with my gullet (oesophagus) and my Doc was able to treat the problems immediately.

Relief at last, just mention if I laid on my left it was ok on the right end up being in so much pain and
vomiting, I`ve had four Endoscopy`s since and each time they increase the Lansoprazole.
Was warned off by the doc, I was on it recommended by the Consultant but two weeks later they
had a warning from the people who supply it, not for long term use.

My own experience my mate might be worth considering, take care stay safe man {{{HUGS}}}.