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I first heard this piece as a young child of about 8 in 1979 from a film about wildlife in the African dessert The Kalahari recorded onto VHS off the telly. It was a great family favourite that we rewatched again & again together as a family. It was made in 1974 & I’d never seen before, or since, a wildlife film like it! This piece was near the end when the very long awaited for rains after a long drought came & the desert flora & fauna burst into a wild abandon of colourful life, albeit short lived! :p:D:cool:

No idea what the music was at the time but, always remembered it & it wasn’t until years later that I knew what it was after being introduced, formally or officially, to Classical Music in first form music class as an 11 year old.:rolleyes:

A bit later before The Classical Collection launched by Boots the Chemist thereby, discovered Tchaikovsky & other composers I like. But, REALLY that wildlife film “Beautiful People” introduced me to Classical Music as all the animal antics etc. were all underscored by music!:D:cool::p

I believe that the film was known in the US, & maybe other countries, as “Animals Are The Most Beautiful People”.:(:rolleyes:

I found it & bought it recently on DVD from Amazon & it’s STILL as good as I remembered & there are a lot of other great pieces of music underscoring that film. I highly recommend it!:p:cool: