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Newbie- Possible diabetes??

Quick description. I'm female, 22 and besides mental health and insomnia I am a relatively healthy person.
Weight wise, I've tended to yo-yo in my weight, due to having a liking for sugar, and having a very high sugar diet for a long time until December, when I took on a diet for my health to decrease my highest weight at 14 stone (Height- 5"6) to 9.7 Stone. So far I am at 11.10 stone in weight.

I've always had a tendancy to get thirsty fast, I thought it was natural.
I've also had migraines and a susceptibility to migraines and faintness in general.

It has recently got to the point where it's affecting my work, and after worrying it may be LOW blood sugar- I got a blood test done at my health centre.
It came back clear, but. not convinced I bought myself a glucose meter

4 Readings I have taken when I feel faint, some happen an hour or two after I eat and some just happen randomly.
2 readings were 6.5-6.7 which I regarded as normal, but I had 2 worrying readings of 9.5 (today) and 10.5 (two weeks ago)

I do tend to urinate more frequently nowadays, although the weight doesn't drop- normally because when I tend to get faint. I eat more sugar... which probably doesn't help my levels at all!

I was just wondering, if this experience is similar to other peoples? If so, could someone give me some advice???


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if at all worried go back to the GP and ask for another test and a talk with them to sort out your worries
When did you test when you got the higher readings before or after meals
The guidelines are before meals and two hours after to get an accurate reading

Welcome to the forum


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How's your BP? There are many, many reasons for feeling faint - and having low blood glucose isn't the same feeling at all, as I have when I actually feel like I'm going to pass out.

Bill Stewardson

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Hello and welcome.
How's your BP? There are many, many reasons for feeling faint - and having low blood glucose isn't the same feeling at all, as I have when I actually feel like I'm going to pass out.

I've been trying to figure it out for a long time, and i've ruled out my insomnia due to on days when i still get enough sleep and have a decent diet i still feel like i'll pass out.
It normally starts with confusion, blurriness and loss of focus/concentration.
I mean ive ruled out most problems and it seems to not be anything else, Im just confused because id rather find out and be able to treat it!


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Hi, I've been in a similar situation (poor sleep patterns, tiredness/faintness during the day, depression etc). I still haven't completely got to the bottom of my problems, but they are easing.
Reading through what you've put above, a few questions come into my mind:

1) The blood test done at the health centre which came back "clear" - what test was it? (fingerprick "spot check" of Blood Glucose at that time, or HbA1c giving average over last 3 months (ish)?)

2) What was the exact result? Just because something is in the "Normal" range for the general population, doesn't necessarily mean it's optimum for you - and if it is 0.1 above minimum/below maximum it would still be classed as "normal" but could cause *you* problems if *your* normal is usually closer to the other end of the range.

3) As Dollypolly asked, when were your higher readings? A non-diabetic person could have a reading of 9, 10, even 12 after a highish-carb meal, the difference is their pancreas would kick out some insulin to bring it back under control.

4) Have you had your thyroid checked? Underactive thyroid can cause slow heartrate, which could make you feel faint/foggy-headed. See also Q2 about "normal" ranges - I was told for the last 2-3 years that my thyroid function was "normal", it was only when it went seriously underactive earlier this year that I got the actual test results from the previous tests and found that it had been on the borderline (and on a couple of occasions just over the line, but below the level the NHS will treat at) for the entire time I had been complaining of symptoms which were classic signs of underactive thyroid :mad:

Good luck finding some answers xx