advice needed

  1. Karajane

    Finally spoken to Dr, finally got HBA1c, what do I do next?! :S

    Hi all, Im not sure if you remember me, but I posted about being diagnosed and feeling like it was my fault. Thankfully, you guys were amazing and Im doing a bit better mentally. 3 weeks after the letter just popped on the doormat, I have finally spoken to a Dr and found out my HBA1c is...
  2. NatashaElaine

    Just diagnosed 48 hours ago!

    Hey to anyone reading this! First thanks for taking the time to read this.. I am newly diagnosed Type 1 but not new to the world of diabetes. I also suffer with depression and I'm worried once I leave hospital I won't manage myself well. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? Thanks in...
  3. L

    Hi, looking for more guidance please.

    Hi everyone. I have been a diabetic for 13 years now. I am the worst diabetic ever and am trying so hard to make a change. 5 years ago I became disabled due to DKA and various other infections that came along with the DKA issue. I really am trying but I feel like I am climbing up an endless...
  4. E

    Partner of Newly Diagnosed T1 Diabetic

    Hiya! My boyfriend was diagnosed with T1 diabetes last summer. It's been a tough old slog for him and he's come so far, I'm so proud of him. I myself have epilepsy. This can be a saving grace for us as a couple because if one of us is having a rubbish time with our condition we have some...
  5. B

    homelessness type 1

    hi all.. any advice out there about how homelessness shelters should behave to type 1 diabetics.. the short of the story I was having a bad hypo.. that day I had 5 so used all my quick acting, the rules are stay in your room 11PM TO 0730am.. I had bread and stuff in my cupboards but were in the...
  6. B


    hi, I’m really looking for advice from anyone who has gastroparesis. I’m type 1 and have been experiencing issues with food and eating. I have the most awful nausea and sickness, it’s just constant and also bloating. I’ve been tested for coeliacs. I’m waiting to see my gp but wanted to hear...
  7. Sharon Barker

    WW / SW / Weigh loss help please!

    Hey folks, I'm desperate for some weight loss advice please. I've been a T1 diabetic for 5.5 years and this last 6 months weight loss is becoming a nightmare. It started at Christmas when I was having real trouble controlling my sugars and had to use a corrective dose on and off for three...
  8. C

    Newly diagnosed new experiences!

    Hi forum I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (great surprise for ur 21st) anyway straight to the point I was feeling a little different earlier so I checked my glucose I was 4.4 and I know that's low so I had a few "fast acting" glucose tablets then some cereal (by the time I finished...
  9. H

    Drinking and going out

    I have had type 1 diabetes for 2 months and have not been on a night out or drank alcohol ever since. I guess I'm a bit afraid and wary. Any tips on how to manage drinking? how will alcohol affect me, what drinks to have/to avoid? I've heard you have to snack after each alcoholic drink? I've...
  10. H

    Newly diagnosed type 1!

    hey, I have had type 1 for about a month and a half now and although I have managed to get a hang of this new routine, I would be grateful for some top tips about dealing with type 1 and any tips and tricks you think it would be worth me knowing! thanks!
  11. Lauren8443

    Alcohol and BG and food

    HI, I'm wondering if anyone can help me.... I tend to socialise / eat out a lot... I was told to never inject for alcohol and have a snack before bed , but I find that my blood glucose levels are high all night?????? I drink rose if I a am having wine and may occasionally have a few vodka...
  12. robert@fm

    Bad stomach problems

    I have on two separate occasions recently got a bad stomach upset (near the end of a renal dialysis session, but that may be coincidental), such that I could hardly bear to finish the session. The most recent time was on Thursday 15th, and I had not only excruciating pain, but also nausea and...
  13. depressiveoptimist

    Newbie- Possible diabetes??

    Hello. Quick description. I'm female, 22 and besides mental health and insomnia I am a relatively healthy person. Weight wise, I've tended to yo-yo in my weight, due to having a liking for sugar, and having a very high sugar diet for a long time until December, when I took on a diet for my...
  14. W

    Tips for remembering blood tests?

    Remembering to test has always been an issue and I go through bouts of doing well and then I'm back to like 1-2 tests a day again. Anyone have any tips for remembering for me? Anything that might help is much appreciated, thanks!
  15. E

    Newbie needing help

    Hello I need a little help, I've recently been diagnosed as type 2, and been given metformin to take three times a day the last two months, but this week I've been having hypos around three hours after taking the first one in the morning, I don't understand why my blood sugars are dropping when...