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Hi I've just been diagnosed with diabetes about a week ago, a friend from work recommended that I join this forum! If anyone can give me advice on a keto diet or a very low carb diet and how it will affect my diabetes I would really appreciate this! Also the doctors haven't confirmed which type I have yet.


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Hi @Adrian_92
Welcome to the group no one wants to be in, I take it you might have been reading about low carb diet . That’s what some of us have found really helpful in reducing our blood glucose levels .
I was diagnosed around 1.5 yrs ago and by following the low carb, higher healthy fat diet( LCHF) I managed to drop 2 stones and brought my BG levels to within normal levels..
I suggest you read Maggie Daveys letter a useful guide for newly diagnosed T2 diabetics...


also if you have any questions, feel free to ask, there will be someone here to answer...


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Hi and welcome :) I agree with Martin, LCHF is definitely the best way to go. Take some time to read back posts here and decide for yourself based on the lived experience of the many, many people who have done it.....me included :D


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On the other hand - you are only 27 and as such there's a very good chance you could be T1, and although one of the two definitive blood tests gets done pdq NP (GAD antibodies) the other one (C-peptide) takes ages even if your local hospital lab can do it and it doesn't have to be sent elsewhere. Takes a couple of weeks to get the results, typically.

Having said that - a low carb diet isn't going to harm you whatever 'type' you are.

How did you come to be diagnosed? Have you been put on any medication?