1. LittleSunflower

    Keto Diet for a Beginner

    Having being told I’m prediabetic a few months ago, I am still struggling to change my diet for the better. To begin with, I cut out all of the sweet stuff but have found myself going back to that during the lockdown period. I have been researching the Keto diet and would really like to try it...
  2. A

    1 minute coconut bread

  3. A

    New To This!

    Hi I've just been diagnosed with diabetes about a week ago, a friend from work recommended that I join this forum! If anyone can give me advice on a keto diet or a very low carb diet and how it will affect my diabetes I would really appreciate this! Also the doctors haven't confirmed which type...
  4. Tillagirl

    Hello and help!

    Hi I was diagnosed as Type 2 over ten years ago and then promptly dismissed it (I know, I know) ...funnily enough it didn't go away. I had tried to manage it 'by diet' this was utter rubbish. I would go low carb for a while and then plunge face down into a tub of Haagen Daas when I was fed up. I...
  5. T

    Moved to Tresiba from Lantus

    I have been using Lantus for about 8 years, never had any problems and my blood was pretty constant. I take 30units around dinner time and throughout the day / night my blood is around 4.5 / 6. I've had a couple of lows during the evening but nothing major. I have now moved on to Tresiba. I...