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  1. R

    Hi new to group

    Hi everyone, Been diagnosed with type 2 this week, given Metformin, not really been explained what going to happen, what diet to change/follow. Wasn't having any symptoms, but it was found during a blood test for something else ‍♀️. Have ordered the diet booklet from website, but overall, bit...
  2. I

    Type2 cases for different paths

    All sensible Type 1 diabetics count carbohydrates Yet many would claim this isn't good for Type 2 diabetics - why is this? 1. They claim it upsets Type 2's and causes poor mental health. 2. They say that 'eating less and moving more' is enough. 3. They agree with the NHS, GPs (and( apparently...
  3. O

    A research project to analyze how we interact with the food products we consume everyday.

    Hi Diabetes UK community! The following research survey is a great opportunity for the Diabetes UK forum community to help me with my MSc Food Science research project, all about understanding how people in the UK interact with their food via packaging information. We all have the option to...
  4. C

    Newly Diagnosed - Disappointed and Frustrated

    Hi all, My name is Chantelle, I am 31 and am a mother of 3. I was just diagnosed today but don’t have any further information of my numbers, have an appointment with nurse on Friday. As far as I have been told I will be prescribed Metformin, which I was on during 2 of my pregnancies having...
  5. mopinwil

    Hello from a Newbie

    Hello, Thank you so much for allowing me to join. I have only just been diagnosed as having Diabetes Type 2 and taking Metformin medication. I feel I need to talk to people who are experienced at coping with this disease. Only too happy to discuss the possibility of reversing it and what is...
  6. LilyJeffery

    Opportunity to participate in research exploring T2D lifestyle behaviours for remission (short survey) (UK-based)

    Are you living with Type 2 Diabetes, in the UK, and interested in taking part in a short research study? My name is Lily Jeffery, I am a post-graduate student at Manchester Metropolitan University, completing a MSc in Human Nutrition. I would like to invite you to take part in a short survey...
  7. L

    Been ignorant, confused and scared

    Jan 2018 I was sitting at 36 on my Ha1bc, by July this was 54 and when they tested me the following week 56, by December 2018 my ha1bc was 97. I wasn’t totally ignorant to begin with, but my diabetic nurse was cruel, nasty and didn’t listen and scared my 14 year old daughter and refused to refer...
  8. LittleSunflower


    Hello everyone, it’s been a good while since I posted anything on here. How are you all? I have been attending the NHS Diabetes prevention programme for a few months, learning and educating myself more about the world of Type 2. I recently had my first HBA1C since the diagnosis of ‘prediabetes’...
  9. ColinUK

    Lose a stone in 21 days - C4 - Michael Moseley

    This is on tonight at 9pm. I'm expecting it to be a mix of LCHF and intermittent fasting. Might be worth watching.
  10. Ralph-YK

    Fiber in diet

    What's good for fiber in the diet?
  11. M

    Help needed when cycling (exercise) and dealing with hypos during and after...

    Hi - apologies if this has been discussed already! I'm type 2. Have a Freelibre sensor (which is a godsend). My HbA1c is 6.9. Been injecting rapid insulin for about year. Basal 5 units per day. I cycle moderate effort for 1 - 2 hours (30miles). Can go longer (but see below). I'm 13st. Have...
  12. A

    New To This!

    Hi I've just been diagnosed with diabetes about a week ago, a friend from work recommended that I join this forum! If anyone can give me advice on a keto diet or a very low carb diet and how it will affect my diabetes I would really appreciate this! Also the doctors haven't confirmed which type...
  13. B

    Feeling stuck

    Hi, I've been diagnosed since the start of July. I've been trying to make changes, I'm eating a bit more healthily but not enough. I haven't lost any weight and I'm feeling like there's no point. I'm not even sure what I'm after by posting here. I'm TERRIBLE at portion control. I can eat...
  14. R

    Am I wasting the nurses time

    Hi I am new to this whole thing and struggling with this and depression. I am struggling to get my blood sugar below 6 even eating homemade food for all meals for a week (All low to zero carb meals) the best I got was 6.2 When I eat anything with a slightly high carb content (30 - 40 grams of...
  15. Talbothays Tess

    Pre diabetic - confused

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and have just introduced myself on the newbie's page but thought I would raise my question here too ( hope that is ok). Shocked today , as a result of routine blood test gp said I was pre diabetic. I just took the " are you at risk " questionnaire on this site and...
  16. Talbothays Tess

    Pre diabetes

    Hi, I have just received a shock today as as a result of a general blood test my gp has told me I am pre diabetic. I just took the "are you at risk questionnaire" on this site and came out at low risk. So I am a little concerned and confused. I am not at all overweight, I don't smoke, am...
  17. A

    Starting University Netball Team

    Hello, I was diagnosed in February with Type 1 Diabetes, and am still learning how to deal with it best in different situations. I recently trialled and got onto the university netball team where I study which I am very happy with. However, I wanted to ask if anyone had any advice to dealing...
  18. V

    New, T2, not really sure who to trust!!!

    Hi. Sorry for that dramatic title. I'm 38, just been diagnosed with T2 a couple of weeks ago. So far the main impact of it has been anxiety rather than any diabetes-related symptoms. This is probably in part because I immediately changed my diet and gave up cigs and caffeine drinks when I...
  19. Kevin Hart

    You can have your cake and eat it

    http://cookwithkev.net/wholemeal-chocolate-and-cinnamon-sugarless-cake/ I have written this recipe which is of course sugar free and only containing ingredients that are good for our condition while catering for a craving something sweet but not sickly sweet.
  20. W

    No weight loss???

    Newly diagnosed 21/08/2018. Been back cycling since 11 July 2018. I'm sick of weighing myself only to see I've not lost any weight at all (not gained any either!). Since being diagnosed I have made changes to diet and exercise. Taking on board what it means if I don't! However, confused as...