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Got my freebie Libre2 sensor...any tips things to do, things to avoid?


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Yes I'll bear that in mind. I wanted to start this sensor following the Abbott guidelines of waiting an hour and finger test to watch this inaccuracy effect. I watched a youtube video of someone who said they scanned 40 times a day which seemed a little excessive. I'm trying not to get data overload!!


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I average about 30 scans a day and I am about 10 months down the line with Libre. That amount may be excessive but seems to work for me. Sometimes that is just for reassurance as I am on my own most days and doing physical work or trying to get the timing of my food to match when the insulin hits my blood stream or watching for protein kicking in to inject for that. I don't over react to the info I get from the scans, it just gives me a greater insight into what is going on and improve timing and often if I take my eye off the ball for a few hours when things seem to be steady, i suddenly find my nice steady 6 has become 12 for no reason (like yesterday), so I like to keep a close eye on things.