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  1. Rae

    Am I taking NovoRapid too close to eating?

    Hi all I have a lot of questions, so apologies. I'll put my diagnostic journey in footer... My first question, because it's the one causing me most immediate grief, is whether I'm timing my NR right. Nurse told me to take it right at the start of my meal. The forum seems to advocate for 15-60...
  2. L

    Thanks for the add

    Hi guys, just wanted to say hi and tell you a little bit about myself. I have just recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Not sure which type as yet as I am not quite straightforward. They think I will be type 2 but I am taking insulin 4 times a day. I have a permanent and very active ileostomy...
  3. jd89

    Insulin help (not refrigerated)

    Hello! I have a question about not refrigerating insulin (novorapid, fiasp & degludec) Over Christmas all of my insulin was removed from our fridge and left in our utility room (on top of the tumble dryer). I didn’t realise this until 4 days later when my cartridge needed changing. I’d picked up...
  4. marlonkirkham

    Hello everyone

    Hello , I have been a type2 diabetic since 2007. I've had a long relationship with diabetes and this has been exacerbated by other serious medical conditions along the way. I've been through a variety of stages with the condition, from trying to control my glucose and lose weight and control it...
  5. I

    Type2 cases for different paths

    All sensible Type 1 diabetics count carbohydrates Yet many would claim this isn't good for Type 2 diabetics - why is this? 1. They claim it upsets Type 2's and causes poor mental health. 2. They say that 'eating less and moving more' is enough. 3. They agree with the NHS, GPs (and( apparently...
  6. C

    Type 2 - Starting on Insulin

    Hi. I’ve just picked up my first prescription for insulin - Abasaglar & Humalog. Am type 2 and was on Metformin 1g twice a day, Sitagliptin & Gliclazide. A year after starting the gliclazide my HbA1c was higher than before starting it so got changed to another medication I can’t spell but...
  7. A

    No Insulin prescribed

    Hi, My nana said she’s checked her blood levels and she’s at 14.1 She was type 2 but has recently been diagnosed as type 1 and was told she would need to take insulin injections. The doctors have not prescribed her with any insulin and she no longer has any tablets left from her previous...
  8. Andra Gabriela

    Second honeymoon?

    Hello everyone, Hope you are all well. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a little over a year ago but I feel like I still have so much to learn. I am going through a bit of a weird diabetic situation and was wondering if anyone else went through it: a few months after starting my insulin...
  9. B

    Accidentally stabbed my thumb with my insulin needle. Any worries?

    So yeah, I just finished doing my dose of levemir insulin, and as I removed the needle from my leg, my hand slipped somehow and I managed to plunge it into the side of my thumb. Obviously I'm the only one who used the needle, so there shouldn't be any risk of infection or anything, right?
  10. W


    Hi there, before I start with the symptoms I thought it would be beneficial to put a bit of background. I’m female, 22 and was diagnosed type 1 diabetic 4 years ago when I was 18 after going into ketoacidosis. I have the freestyle libre and Miao Miao, novorapid and tresiba. I have been to my...
  11. T

    Omnipod Starter

    Hi everyone! I’ve been on pens since the age of 11...now I’m 27 and I’ve chosen to go onto a pump - specifically the omnipod. Change makes me really nervous and my anxiety flares up although I am very excited ! I wanted to see if anybody can give me any tips for starting on an omnipod ! How long...
  12. T

    Hi! Newbie here.

    Hey people! :) My name is Cristiana and I'm 27 - I've been riding the rollercoaster of the 'betes now for 16 years. My fiancé told me to explore the world of forums because it's something i've never really participated in. Up until about two years ago I was very reserved about my diabetes and...
  13. Ian Knight

    Changing from Novorapid to Fiasp insulin.

    After approximately 20 years using Novorapid my diabetes consultant has switched me to Fiasp as I have too high peaks after meals. I use a Freestyle Libre sensor to monitor results. I'm about a week in and my early experience has been that for like for like insulin doses my results have...
  14. L

    Feeling guilty and wanting to apologise

    I want to apologise. Hi Everyone, hope you are all staying safe and well. I’ve been feeling very guilty and wanted to get it off my chest so be prepared for a little bit of a long read! Due to having Type 1 Diabetes and living with my dad who has COPD and asthma, I was prepared to stay at...
  15. R

    Type 2, now Type 1, Hba1C down from 110 to 67

    Hi All I have joined the forum today, mainly as a response to my Life insurance Quote, but will come back to that! I was first diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes 11 years ago (Although it could be that this was an assumption!), I had my eldest and nothing more was said, I self diagnosed when...
  16. M

    Travelling to the uk

    Hi I will be traveling to the UK later this year. I am from Australia. I plan to be traveling long term in Europe and would like to know if it's difficult/expensive to get insulin in the UK. Thank you
  17. F

    Insulin Dose required

    My mother has been suffering from diabetic conditions from the last 15 years. She has been on medications mainly Glimepiride and her sugar levels were round about 200 mg/dl most of the times. But since the last few months, her sugar levels have been on the very high side (sometimes exceeding 400...
  18. Northerner

    ON THIS DAY in 1923, The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded...

    ...to Frederick Banting and John Macleod for the discovery of insulin. Before the 1920s, Type 1 diabetes was a death sentence. The scientists sold the patent for $1 each, believing the life-saving drug belonged to the world. https://beyondtype1.org/brief-history-insulin/
  19. sam4

    FIASP and Insulin Pump

    Hello I have been having spikes post meals, and have tried giving insulin earlier before eating, sometimes to no avail. I often return to target before lunch for example after breakfast. I am on the Accu Chek Insight and wondered if anyone had any experience of FIASP with an insulin pump. Thanks
  20. T

    Robust Levels Of Insulin

    What does it mean if you have 'robust levels of insulin'. I have Type 2 diabetes for years. My blood sugar levels have remained consistently high. I have never been given any education or support. I have lots of symptoms ie extreme thirst, continuous thrush, boils, eye trouble,and loads of other...