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Top Ten Tips

Discussion in 'General Messageboard' started by JoeJOns, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. JoeJOns

    JoeJOns Well-Known Member

    Relationship to Diabetes:
    Type 1
    Hi guys,

    What would your top ten tips be for someone recently diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic? I've read so many tips online but I would love to hear from the actual people themselves who have Diabetes 1.

    Kind regards
  2. everydayupsanddowns

    everydayupsanddowns Moderator

    Relationship to Diabetes:
    Type 1
    Not sure I can manage 10... my 4 would be:

    1 Access education / training. Either one-to-one or preferably a full structured education course. Good diabetes books too (eg Ragnar Hanas, or Gary Scheiner’s Think Like A Pancreas
    2 Get more information (establish a usefully intensive frequency of BG monitoring and write things down to look for patterns)
    3 Overhaul your toolkit (insulin delivery - better pens or pump; monitoring meter and/or sensors; apps for better dose calculation or carb values; whatever works for you!)
    4 Support network - establish good relationships with your clinic and GP HCPs, and access peer support networks

    More detail here: https://www.everydayupsanddowns.co.uk/2015/01/65-a1c-target-reply-comment-that-got.html
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  3. SB2015

    SB2015 Well-Known Member

    Relationship to Diabetes:
    Type 1
    Hi Joe, these are my ten:
    - ask questions and get educated about your diabetes
    - be organised and develop a good routine that suits your life
    - make friends with your diabetes: it is not going away
    - keep records of what is happening to help you see patterns and you can then do something about them.
    - work with your specialist team
    - seek out the best resources that are available to help you manage your diabetes
    - talk to others with T1. You never know what tips from them will help you.
    - develop a support network around you: family and friends and help them understand what you have to do.
    - don’t be afraid to ask for help
    - enjoy life
  4. TheClockworkDodo

    TheClockworkDodo Well-Known Member

    Relationship to Diabetes:
    Type 1
    1. Don't worry about things you can't control - it will only send up your blood sugar.
    2. Never go anywhere without hypo treatment.
    3. Never lie down to have a rest when you're hypo without treating the hypo first (oops :oops: ).
    4. Make use of this forum.
    5. Get the phone number/email address of your DSN, and
    6. Contact your DSN whenever you have a problem.
    7. Don't believe everything you read on the internet (actually, that's not just about diabetes, that's about everything!).
    8. Make sure your friends/family know how to recognise and treat a hypo or hyper.
    9. Don't try to compete with other people's HbA1cs or lifestyle changes or whatever, just do what's best for you.
    10. Do what you enjoy and don't let diabetes stop you.

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