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Relationship to Diabetes
Type 2

I am glad I am not alone:)

I am new here, although I have had Type 2 Diabetes since about April 2008. My story if any body is interested...
I started getting the classic warning signs of being very thirsty and getting infections. I have always been a 'big chap' and as I got older (52) my job being a desk based home worker just accelletated more weight gain. In addition a total lack of exercise did not help.

I mentioned my all this to my doctor who sent me for a blood test. My GP called me with the results on a SUNDAY!! opps things must be bad. The fasting readings came back about 14.

My Gp called me in and said I could go one of two ways
1) either do nothing which meant sticking to my normal diet and nil lack of exercise. This would mean my weight and diabetes just would get worse. He related a story of a previous patient 64, dianosed with type 2 on the previous Friday promised he would change. Unfortunatey he had a sroke on the Saturday.

2) Or do something about it. (No choice really)

I am glad I picked the latter option. Started using my Gym (I was a member, but did not go!!!) 3 times a week. Looking at and modified my diet, no vast portions. Lots of veggies. I am one one tablet of metformin SR a day, but hey look at the positives free perscriptions!!:D However, they are considering taking me off them if I continue to lose weight.

I was rapidly going towards the 20 st milestone before I was diagosed. I am now 15st, and my 38 inch jeans now fit!!!

PS My Boxer (Dog) likes the new me as she is getting a lot more walkies!!

As for me im 52, male and live in Hants.

Any more info required just ask!

Thanks for lishening, I know I have been banging on about myself, but I just wanted to say. It is a bit of a downer :( getting the dreaded D, but it is possible to turn it around.



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Hi Dan and welcome. Glad to hear you've taken option 2:) Sounds like you're doing really well - 5st in 9 months is terrific, keep up the good work!:)


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Relationship to Diabetes
Type 2
I know exactly how you feel Dan. For me it was certainly the kick in the proverbial that I needed to get fit and healthy. Keep it up!