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T2 and hypertension ..

Discussion in 'General Messageboard' started by Martin9, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Martin9

    Martin9 Well-Known Member

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    Type 2
    Hi Guys
    I have a history of T2 diabetes for about 1yr 4 months now, and recently have been having high BP readings even at rest worsening on any stressful events etc.
    Today have been started on Amlodipine 5mg daily for high blood pressure and now need to consider my diet with regards to both diabetes and hypertension.
    My diabetes seems to be well controlled recent HBA1c was 32,my question, is my high BP linked to diabetes or a separate condition, and has anyone had any problems adding Amlodipine when already taking Metformin
    Thanks in advance for any replies....
  2. Eddy Edson

    Eddy Edson Well-Known Member

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    Type 2
    I had no probs with amlodipine + Metformin.
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  3. Anitram

    Anitram Well-Known Member

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    Type 2
    Hi, Martin

    My understanding is that the majority of T2s will experience high BP. One report I read said it was 80%. My BP was slightly up at my last DN review and I was asked to measure it three times a day for three weeks and then go back. 25% of my readings were normal and the rest were in a zone called High Normal, but only just over the border from normal. I don't need meds at the moment but have been told to keep an eye on it and go back if it ventures into hypertension range and stays there.

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  4. everydayupsanddowns

    everydayupsanddowns Moderator

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    I think the clustering of overlapping conditions including high blood glucose, high blood pressure, fat around organs, elevated or unhelpful cholesterol levels and/or ratios plus some other things are sometimes called the ‘metabolic syndrome’ and are often found in people who develop T2.

    I’m not sure that the suggestion is that they are directly related to T2, more that in some people their metabolism responds to the modern western diet such that they all come together.

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