Sugar and Kids


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after recent diagnosis and alot of counting my sugar intake and being careful and eating healthy, I have realised just how much sugar I ate before. I know that diabetes can be heriditary and I am now realising just how much sugar my kids eat, or I feed them! I want to change their diets, I would hate them to end up like this too, and I want to make a difference now. But what do I do? Without forcing unwanted veggies down them, any diet tips for young kids. Plus I want to be sure they are getting a balanced diet at the same time. Argh, I am such a worrier!!!!


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hmmm its a bit tricky with kids... you may feed them well in the house but as soon as they go out they can eat what they like! i think simple things such as drinking diet juice instead of full sugar stuff may help? keep choc and sweets as treats once a week or something? my mum alwyas gave us diet juice and didnt keep sweets in the house so we couldnt really eat it when we wanted. it worked though cos i can quite happily live without sweets and find full sugar juice horrible! lol.