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My 15year old son, is looking for snacks to eat in between meals he hasn't got to have an injection for. 10g or under. How many can he eat between meals. He's a growing lad. Although he's lost quite a bit of weight Prior to diagnosis. Thanks


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A plain digestive biscuit and cheese is 10g carbs.
A spoonful of peanut butter is negligible carbs.
Babybels and cheese and nuts - negligible
Crudités like raw peppers, carrots, celery plus cream cheese or peanut butter
A small satsuma is around 5g carbs
Two oatcakes are 10g carbs topped with cream cheese
Hard boiled eggs mashed with mayonnaise and a cracker or two
A tin of tuna with mayo and tomatoes and peppers
Cold meats

But if your son is really hungry and trying to gain back the weight he lost, why not ask about bolusing for snacks then he can have something a little more carby. I remember when I was first diagnosed and underweight and very hungry, one of my snacks was a sandwich.

If he’s not keen on injecting, then sometimes some exercise will lower the blood sugar enough to deal with a larger snack beforehand. Obviously test and watch for low sugars when he exercises.
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