Salad Recipes


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I am not keen on salad leaves, I love nice crunchy lettuce . Tbh I much prefer a traditional salad , ie beetroot, cue, lettuce , rocket , coleslaw and, sliced brown onions the stronger the better, whatever protein I fancy and salad cream.
I know it sounds boring but I love them


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I've changed the way I eat salad veg these days.
I tend to like one at a time instead of mixed.
So I'll eat a bag of radishes with some French butter and some salt for a meal or I'll have a bag of watercress wrapped in cheese slices and if I have round lettuce I will make a sandwich using my home made keto bread.
I've changed how I eat cucumber too.
These days I eat a half cucumber in my hand and dip it in salt and that will be a light meal maybe with some walnut halves as well.

I do still like tzatziki which I make with grated cucumber, a small garlic clove also grated and mixed with high fat greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of oregano and a drizzle of olive oil. I like that with a home made beef burger - I just squish steak mince into a burger shape and fry it with a little bit of salt.


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I'm having watermelon, mint, red onion and feta salad this week.
Being mostly water, the watermelon isn't too carby at 8% and it makes a lovely change.