Newbie - TMA Stroke to Diabetes in 3 weeks


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Hope to get some ongoing info from what looks like a great, actively used forum.

Three weeks ago, I had just eaten dinner and picked my phone up to read the news headlines - and I could not read !!!!

Double-checked, triple-checked and then got my wifes latest book but still could not read even the front cover.

A 111 call had me driving to the local hospital where I was prodded, poked, stabbed and generally looked after until 1am the next morning where I was then sent home.

That experience of not being able to read or write was incredibly strange at I had no other effects of a stroke. Less than 24hrs later I was normal again.

A few days later came checks of the veins in my neck, more blood tests and blood pressure monitoring. Another 2 blood tests at my local Doctors - and "the letter" arrived today which calmly stated "you have now developed Type II Diabetes" and 2 appointments had been included.

So, Im now on 4 tablets for my blood pressure, cholesterol and whatever else they are doing.

I haven't had my first Diabetes appointment yet so have no idea what drugs await me.

Anyway, that's my story so far - I look forward to sharing your experience as I go forward.

One question I do have - has anyone been referred by their GP to any of the paid diabetes Apps listed here - - they are free if your GP refers you apparently.

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Hi Paul, welcome to the forum!

I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been through. Must have come as such a shock so I'm glad you're doing better.

Hopefully they will be in touch soo to advise you of what's next.

There's a wealth of info on the forum so do have a look around. We've also got some great guides on our main site so feel free to check it out,


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Welcome to the forum @Paul-in-Somerset

Sorry to hear about your stroke and subsequent diagnosis :(

Of the apps on that list, many forum members (including me!) fund mySugr useful as a blood glucose logging app, helpful in spotting patterns and providing background and context to BG results - you can even snap pics of your plates of food for later reference.

I’ve heard of Mumoactive (another logging app) but not used it.

My Diabetes My Way also gets positive mentions from time to time.

Several members have also been on the Desmond course, with varying degrees of success. it seems to depend on who runds the course as to how helpful it is.

I’m not sure how many have tried the Low Carb programme app, but many T2s here find that moderating or reducing their carb intake is a vital part of their diabetes management toolkit.


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Depends how much of it you drink and also what sort of cider it is ! You must know of all people, that not all ciders are equal !

The biggest laugh of all is finding summat labelled 'Scrumpy Jack' in a bottle. Ehhh? You know it's proper scrumpy when you have to use your front teeth as a sieve to drink it, then can eat what the teeth sieved out.

I get merry far too quickly on cider and have been exactly the same since before I left school. Nothing nicer on a red hot day though.