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Discussion in 'General Messageboard' started by Red9, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Red9

    Red9 New Member

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    At risk of diabetes
    Hi, I am pre diabetic and currently losing weight and exercising to reverse my risk. However I think I have neuropathy in my hands, fingers. Has anyone else experienced this at pre stage?
  2. everydayupsanddowns

    everydayupsanddowns Moderator

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    Type 1
    I would book an appointment with your GP to discuss things and get checked out.

    My understanding is that neuropathy tends to develop equally down both sides at once, so that if you only have altered sensation on one side it might be something else (eg a trapped nerve).

    Hope you get some definitive answers and they put your mind at rest.

    KARNAK Well-Known Member

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    Type 1
    Hello @Red9 welcome to the forum.:) I`m afraid Neuropathy needs a definitive diagnosis, as @everydayupsanddowns suggests first port of call is the Docs. Tingly hands are quite common but mainly the feet are affected, hopefully as you try to get back into total remission it will sort itself out. If you are not happy after a while make an appointment with Docs who will probably reassure you.
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