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Hi all. I was diagnosed type 2 in Nov 2019 after getting my blood tested for something else. I did really well and lost 3 stones but since lockdown has kicked in I have put it back on. Since August I'm now working from home and I am just finding it really difficult to start again and keep the motivation up more than a week. Any help or ideas please?

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Hi Cathryn, welcome to the forum.

So sorry to hear that you're struggling at the moment. Working from home can be a real challenge, especially with the temptations and lack of structure that can sometimes be present.

It sounds as though you've been successful before in managing your health so you have the tools you need to succeed, just need to refocus/ regroup. Do you remember what helped you to succeed previously?

I'd start by looking at what you're eating and meal plan the foods that you enjoy and support your goals. Prepare for the snack urges that can come up and have a few healthy options on hand.

Take it one step at a time and maybe change one thing until you get to where you want to be.


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Welcome @Cathryn1975 :)

Lockdown has affected many people’s eating, so you’re not alone. Also, working from home can mean you’re in reach of temptation all the time.

Do you stick to a strict schedule as though you’re at work? That can help eg coffee break, lunch break, etc, and even pack your lunch so you’re not tempted to explore the kitchen cupboards. Not buying tempting foods is a good start, as is using a Meal Planner for the week so you know what you’re cooking. You can print free ones off online, but Amazon has some for around £5. Concentrate not on depriving yourself, but on filling your week with healthy foods that will make you feel good eg a variety of different salads and veg.

Exercise is good too, so try to schedule in a walk. You could reward yourself with something non-foody for sticking to your plan for so many days or weeks.


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Welcome to the forum @Cathryn1975

Congratulations on your earlier weight loss! That’s an amazing achievement.

Sorry to hear how tough you have found lockdown. There seem to have been two extremes. For some people the lack of commuting and having a full kitchen on hand have meant they have been able to ditch ‘grab and go’ unhealthy choices, and really begin to invest time and effort in a proper eating plan.

For others, the confinement of it, a lowering of mood, and the easy access to All The Foods have combined to scupper any weight loss plans.

I wonder if it might help to begin to move towards a ‘way of eating’ rather than a short term and more extreme diet that may shift the lbs, but isn’t sustainable long-term.

Were you focussing on blood glucose much before? Many members here find that when they develop and discover a filling, enjoyable eating plan that keeps their BGs pretty stable their excess weight seems to gradually disappear as a happy byproduct. We have a few members who have found lower carb approaches work really well for them, rather than traditionally calorie-based approaches. But equally we have others who have had great success on calorie restricted plans.

What seems to make the biggest difference is whether the meal plan is enjoyable and sustainable in the medium to long term, while the weight goals are being achieved and maintained.