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Hi Everyone,

I'm so glad I have found you all.......
I am 44 & was diagnosed with type 1 three years ago! Quite a shock I can tell you!. I am still coming to terms with It & still struggle on a daily basis. I take 4 injections a day, still have loads of hypos & high blood sugars even though I try so hard. It will be great to have others to share the highs & lows (excuse the puns :D) of this life changing condition.

Debs x


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Welcome to our site!!!

It is a little frustrating to have the different blood sugar readings, but we have all been there I'm sure, I know I have! Nothing runs too smoothly, however, with a little patience, it does, or will get easier. If you need any reassurance re certain things that are bothering you, just air them here, and someone I'm sure will be able to point you in he right direction.:)