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Relationship to Diabetes
just wanted to say hi its not myself that has got diabetes but my 8 year old daughter. shes had it since she was 4and half .


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Hi tricia, welcome to DS :) I'm Nikki had diabetes for almost 9 years and I'm 23 now so was diagnosed quite a lot older than your daughter.

there are a few parents here already and admin is going to add a parents and carers section. Hope you can fidn the support you are looking for.

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Relationship to Diabetes
hi tricia my son was diagnosed in 2007 when he was 3 we are in the same situation maybe you can give some good advice as your daughter is a bit olderthan my boy


Relationship to Diabetes
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Hi Tricia
I got diabetes when I was 4 and have had an amazing life to date - travelled the world, jumped out of planes and scuba dive to name buta few experiences! Your daughter has so much to look forard to! (I am now the ripe old age of 38!!)