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I used to do a lot of hiking and backpacking, but thanks to tired old legs and The Lockdown I hardly did anything last year, 2020
I tried going a couple of times around my local parks & streets, but didn't think much of it

But now, probably like most other people I'm getting a bit fed up and frustrated, as by the time the weather has improved, and hopefully the current Lockdown has eased off, I will have been largely indoors for the best part of a year
So I've decided that this year I need to get out & about more

I've been spending time on YouTube and come across Richard Vobes
He does short, easy walks mainly around Worthing and The Downs, just describing and commenting on what he sees; and just wears ordinary clothes, no special hiking gear

I suppose they are a glass half full/half empty style - you might find them pathetic and boring, or interesting, even inspirational, as they show how you can enjoy yourself and relax and make the most of ordinary surroundings

So with that in mind I'll dredge up some of my old hippy zen, and see how I get on in my local area

He seems to have a few channels. Search YT for 'Richard Vobes' 'Quest for England' 'The Bald Explorer'

On a similar sort of theme, there is a walk all the way around London
Officially it's called The London Outer Orbital Path, but usually The London Loop - Search YT

I doubt if I'll ever walk it, or the areas used by Richard Vobes, but it shows how you can join up odd paths, minor roads, and so on to go walking almost anywhere
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