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  1. ColinUK

    Metformin - side effect?

    So I finally picked up the new prescription for my metformin yesterday and took a tablet this morning. Monday I’ll call the GP to have a conversation. A few times whilst taking metformin I’ve experienced something very disconcerting. I’ve stood up and have almost keeled over. I’ve had a short...
  2. ColinUK

    Weight loss ups and downs - 800 Calorie - Newcastle

    Diagnosed last week. In a rather unsatisfactory manner. (See my Bit of a Shock) thread in Newbies. I’ve been 16st something for a while now and I know I really needed to shift at least three stone... worth noting that max weight over the last four years has been recorded at 17 1/2 stone. Just...
  3. B


    I'm seeking info on some nasty side effects with metformin notably bloating seriously smelly wind and abdo discomfort
  4. P

    Help with Semaglutide Side Affects

    I've been taking Semaglutide for number of months now and I'm crippled with trapped wind all the time. I just wondered if anyone else has trouble in a similar way and if they have any advice on how to minimise the side effects or how to best deal with it. I just don't want to eat as I know each...
  5. S

    Losing hair and poorly controlled type 2 diabetes

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I’m just shy of 27 and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year and a half ago. I attended the DESMOND programme a year ago and since then have taken Metformin since the spring of 2019 and then slow release later on in the year. I’ve been prescribed...
  6. S

    Metformin - Dizzy/feint

    I'm newly diagnosed Type 2, and have been on Metformin for over two weeks. However, each day I am feeling more dizzy. I wake feeling dizzy and it now last longer each day and have to take things easy or else I'm close to feinting. Is this likely to wear off? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  7. A

    3mths Diagnosed 11yr old Boy

    Our 11yr old Boy was diagnosed on Dec 18th 2018. The last 3 months have been crazy, stressful, upsetting but also totally amazing seeing how he has coped with it all. All was going really well until he started getting stomach cramps all day everyday. The DSN put it down to Anxiety which he has...