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  1. Diabetes UK

    Type 1 bag for Parents

    Our Type 1 bag is specifically designed for parents who have a child who has been newly diagnosed. It’s a support pack and contains information, resources and stories from other families to help parents come to terms with what a new Type 1 diagnosis means. The Type 1 bag includes: A parent’s...
  2. Diabetes UK

    New Board - Diabetes in School

    Some of the more observant folk may have noticed a new board appear today, ‘Diabetes in School’. We’re really excited about the board. It’s a place for parents and anyone else to ask questions and find support about getting the best diabetes care in school and enable the best management of...
  3. Diabetes UK

    Welcome to the 'Diabetes in School' Board

    Welcome to the 'Diabetes in School' Board Getting the right care in school to support the management of diabetes can be challenging. The ‘Diabetes in School’ board is the place for parents or anyone else, to ask questions about getting the best care in school and ultimately getting an adequate...
  4. B

    New Here :)

    Hello Everyone! My name is Barbora and i have had diabetes for 10 years now. I also just moved to England to study at a boarding school and to it I can say that my diabetes hasn't been quite in control lately. Do any of you have some tips on taking better care? I often find myself neglecting my...
  5. Ash

    Medical conditions in school policy

    Hi can anyone tell me if the Medical Conditions in School Policy is a statutory document or not? Thanks
  6. vicki.milne

    Cookery lessons at secondary school

    My 12 year old son has started cookery lessons at school which is throwing us a few headaches as to how / when to bolus (he injects) and I just wondered how other non-pumping parents managed it. He's very good and tells us in advance when he'll be cooking and what he'll be cooking so we're able...