What drugs are you on?


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Just wondering what little 'extras' have been prescribed in addition to the obvious directly diabetes related drugs? When I was diagnosed they discovered higher than normal troponin levels in my blood and thought I'd had a heart attack. Turned out it was myocarditis, but it didn't stop them prescribing me with a plethora of drugs - clopidogrel, aspirin, cardicor, simvastatin, ramipril, omeprazole and some vitamin supplements (thiamine and vitamin B compound).

Prior to diagnosis I might have taken 4 paracetamols a year, so it came as a bit of a shock. I got really bad side-effects from the ramipril and cardicor, so have now stopped cardicor and changed from ramipril to candesartan.

Don't know why they have to give drugs such weird names!:)


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i have been on thyroxine for around 6 years, today they put my does up to 100mg from 50mg (damn these metabolic diseases...lol) they are monitoring my blood pressure as it was 175/107 (family history) and told me my cholesterol was high 6.2, once my sugars are settled they will deal with all these other things they told me then slipped into the conversation then we will deal with the smoking...:eek:...life is grand...:D

P.S havent half lost weight tho...lol..:D