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What a week!


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You could try changing your ratio. What is it at the moment? You might also find you need a slightly different ratio for different breakfasts. I do - weirdly I need less insulin for the same carb amount of croissants than cereal :D

My breakfast ratio is my highest ratio and always has been. In pregnancy, it was the breakfast ratio that was most affected by the later insulin resistance. I think many people find that.

I’d eat exactly the same breakfast tomorrow and try a slightly different ratio. Don’t jump up with your ratio, take it cautiously. Also, try it for 2 or 3 days before deciding whether it works or not. I found pregnancy a time of pretty constant change with insulin amounts.
I was on 1;9 ratio and tried 1:7 today but weirdly my numbers were the same after eating! I will try 1:5 tomorrow and go from there I think. I've been doing corrections afterwards but then it does go a bit too low.

Weirdly when I did my DAPHNE course, both myself and someone else commented on how cereal caused a massive spike! I now only have a small handful on yoghurt which doesn't have such a big impact or porridge which seems to work slower.


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It is weird your numbers were the same. Do you think this was just a fluke day, where something else affected your blood sugar? I never like to take one day as proof because so often something else interferes with things.

If it was me, I’d try 1:6 first as a halfway step.

Edited to add - yes, proper porridge is ok for me too.