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WARNING: It is claimed Malwarebytes is appropriately named

Discussion in 'Off the subject...' started by robert@fm, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Northerner

    Northerner Admin (Retired)

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    Type 1
    I suspect it's that marketing business they indulge in, containing quite a bit of hype and scaremongering :rolleyes:

    Quite a few years ago I was lulled into buying Norton AV - one of the worst things I ever bought :( I was on dail up back then - hardly any broadband available, and extortionate anyway - Norton was constantly tying up my connection and costing me a fortune in download charges. Then, when I decided to ditch it, it was almost impossible to remove - which I suspect was intentional :(
  2. Amigo

    Amigo Well-Known Member

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    Type 2
    We use Sophos and hubbie rates it highly.
  3. mikeyB

    mikeyB Well-Known Member

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    Type 1
    Never heard of Sophos. Do you buy them from those machines in the gents?

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