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Useful links for people new to diabetes

Discussion in 'Newbies say hello here!' started by Northerner, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. Northerner

    Northerner Admin (Retired)

    Relationship to Diabetes:
    Type 1
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  2. The Moderator Team

    The Moderator Team Moderator Staff Member

    Type 1:

    Adrienne's essential guide for parents of newly-diagnosed children

    www.t1resources.uk, which brings together a load of T1 resources together with reviews and peer ratings.

    Type 1 Sick Day Rules

    Basal testing (Checking your basal insulin is set right helps all other doses work correctly):

    Type 1 – the basics, a support and information pack for adults with a new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes from JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation):

    ...and also for children and young people:

    Type 1 Diabetes in Children Adolescents and Young People by Ragnar Hanas - considered to be the 'bible' for children and young people on insulin regimes. Don't be misled by the title - this book is relevant to people of all ages!

    Children with Diabetes website - a very supportive and active site with an email list for exchange of support, information and advice:

    Diabetes Power, a website raising awareness of Type 1, run by the parent of a Type 1 child http://www.diabetespower.org.uk

    Pierre Pancreas - an animated website explaining how to manage your diabetes. *Kids may like this one.http://www.thinklikeapancreas.com/pierrepancreas.swf

    The Diabetes Duo: Captain Glucose & Meter Boy (cartoons for children)

    Circle D - social group for 18-30 young people with diabetes:

    Carb counting (for basal bolus and pump insulin regimes):
    Online carb-counting course:
    www.bertieonline.org.uk (which replaces BDEC)

    Free downloadable guide to carb counting from Diabetes UK:
    http://www.diabetes.org.uk//upload/How we help/catalogue/Carbs-Count-2012.pdf

    Carbs and Cals - A very popular book (also available as a smartphone App) Carbs & Cals Carb & Calorie Counter: Count Your Carbs & Calories with Over 1,700 Food & Drink Photos
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  3. The Moderator Team

    The Moderator Team Moderator Staff Member

  4. The Moderator Team

    The Moderator Team Moderator Staff Member

    Type 2:

    A good place to start is by reading Maggie Davey's letter

    Test,Review, Adjust by Alan S

    Also, because if you have to self-fund you want to make those test strips count:

    Testing on a budget

    A highly recommended book: Type 2 Diabetes: The First Year by Gretchen Becker

    Diabetes UK online training course for people new to Type 2 diabetes:
    Type 2 Diabetes and Me

    Diabetes UK Advocacy pack for those finding it difficult to get test strips prescribed:

    For those wishing to test, but not able to get strips prescribed, the following are the cheapest option we have come across:

    SD Codefree Meter which has test strips at around £8 for 50.

    Type 2 Sick Day Rules
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  5. The Moderator Team

    The Moderator Team Moderator Staff Member


    What you should expect from the NHS in terms of support

    My Diabetes, My Way - your diabetes records (for Scottish patients only)

    A series of informational videos about all aspects of diabetes:

    Blood fat targets (cholesterol, LDL, HDL and Triglycerides)


    Blood Pressure Monitor - useful for testing your day-to-day Blood Pressure, especially if you have a tendency to show high results at the doctor's (also known as 'white coat syndrome!):

    Omron MX2 Digital Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    Painless Pricks, by Alan S

    GL (Glycaemic Load) diet. You can have a healthy, varied diet, it just takes planning and a bit of compromise here and there. Nothing is forbidden, but common sense needs to be applied for 'treats'!

    Free book of tips from Diabetes UK 100 things I wish I'd known about diabetes

    The Diabetic Athlete's Handbook is very useful for explaining how to deal with various types of exercise and explains the physical processes very well.

    The GL Diet for Dummies is a very good introduction to the 'Glycaemic Load' approach to selecting and combining foods so that they have a slow, steady impact on blood glucose levels.

    A good low-carb recipe book, highly recommended by many of our members:
    Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet

    Travel information: http://www.diabetestravel.org/

    Diabetes Etiquette card:

    Dawn Phenomenon

    An excellent book about the gut, and its influence on our diet and health:
    'Gut' by Giulia Enders
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