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We have received a request to help a researcher, Dr Abd Tahrani, involve people with diabetes in the development of their research. The research will test a treatment called FREMS, a type of electrical stimulation to treat pain in the feet caused by diabetic neuropathy. Dr Tahrani is looking for people to be involved in the steering group and as co-investigators as his plans his research. Participants will not be receiving treatment, but will be advising the research team and sharing the perspectives of people with diabetes.

The request has been approved by the Diabetes UK Research Team so it is appropriate to pass details onto anyone eligible who might be interested. Once details have been passed on, all contact is between the individual and the researchers at Uni of Birmingham. DUK has no further involvement. Also, assisting the researcher to involve people with diabetes in their research planning does not mean DUK endorses the research.

· Up to 5 people are needed to discuss various aspects of the project with Dr Abd Tahrani via Zoom either as a group or individually. The likely time commitment is 30-45 minutes.

· 1-2 people to participate in the steering committee, overseeing the research grant. This involves an online meeting every 6 months over 2 years (4 meetings in total). The likely time commitment for each meeting is 1 hour with probable additional 30 minutes for reading material.

· 1-2 people as coinvestigators. This also involves an online meeting every 6 months over 2 years (4 meetings in total). Each meeting will be 1 hour. The main role will be to represent patient views and aid information dissemination. The likely time commitment for each meeting is 1 hour.

Participants should have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and, ideally, painful diabetic neuropathy in their feet. Carers of people with diabetes meeting these conditions can also be considered for participation.

As all involvement will be via Zoom, there are no geographical limits on participation within the UK.

How to Participate
Anyone interested in participating should contact Dr Abd Tahrani using the email address - deadline for expressing interest is December 2020.


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I love Birmingham University Medical School and the QE Hospital - they have done so, so much for diabetics over the decades - including being instrumental in facilitating the first live births in the UK to pregnant diabetic mothers just after WWII when the NHS was in its infancy!