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Mini meet up.


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Had a lovely meet up in Carlisle with @Stitch147 and Trevor. Had a smashing lunch, I was nervous at picking somewhere incase I got it wrong, but we had a fantastic lunch, and they liked our Cumbrian beer. So did Mr Eggy, so I had to drive home! :rolleyes: I don’t like beer! Had a good natter, felt like we already knew each other through the forum and FB. We got a selfie especially for you all.
L to R. Mr Eggy, @Stitch147 ( you might have guessed that!), little old me and Trevor.


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Had a great lunch. Food was delicious, beer was good and the company was great. As Eggyg said it felt like we knew each other already. Was great meeting eggyg and Mr eggy. X


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Pleased you had a good time.