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Looking for Diabetics Who Had a Stay in Hospital-Since March 2020

Josh DUK

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We know that during the Coronavirus pandemic hospital care has been different to normal. Which is why we want to hear from people with diabetes, and their carers, who have had a stay in hospital since March 2020. We want to understand your experiences so that we can make sure we are doing everything possible to make hospital safe for people with diabetes.

Sharing your experiences will involve having a 1-1 interview with a member of the Diabetes UK team during the month of February. All of your experiences will be kept strictly confidential. We will also provide a £25 shopping voucher to say thank you for your time. Vouchers are subject to availability and for those aged 18+ and UK residents.

If you would like to participate, or if you have further questions, you can contact us via our helpline on 0345 123 2399 (England, N.Ireland, Wales),
0141 212 8710 (Scotland) or by emailing us at inpatientcare@diabetes.org.uk.

The flyer is also available as an online resource. If it’s helpful to embed in a webpage you own please go for it, it’s just not currently up on any of ours.
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When I was first diagnosed I spent a week in hospital this was in the UK. During the following three years I was hospitalised on three other occasions following hypo's. Unlike present times I was given very little information about hypo's. Since living in Spain (16 years) only twice and this was not because of the hypo but the results of it - rather damaging injuries because of the falls. I tried the email link you provided but could not get through.

Lucy Honeychurch

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Unfortunately, I've had two, I'm happy to participate.