Libre and MySugr


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Hi All
I have just received my new Libre. I have been using MySugr as a bolus calculator along with an Acuchek mobile device. Does anyone know if I can link the Libre to MySugr?


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You can import the files but you can't use it as a bolus calculator I believe the libre machine can be used as a bolus calculator though.


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Not found a way to link Libre with MySugar. Looking at the Connection menu it is only the Accu Check.

Bolus calculator on Libre is not so great, never found it that good.


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I used to use the text/CSV importer to overlay a yellow dotted Libre-trace onto mySugr, but Abbott changed some things and mySugr cannot import csv Libre data any more.

Not tried Libre View on Android, so I’ve not tried that option, though I am currently wearing a Dexcom G6, so I am now tryng out the import of Dex data via Apple Health.