Learning the piano.


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I taught myself to play the digital piano (at 30) and the pipe organ (at 60) and have played in many church services. It was all very challenging and rewarding, especially as I cannot read music. I invented my own notation and method that works a treat.

Maybe I will get around to learning to read music some time.

When I practice, which used to be every day until my wife became seriously ill, I practiced 4 to 8 hours a day!!! Only stopping when exhausted. I enjoyed it so much.

Now that my wife is more stable I have gone back to playing and composing again. It is so so enjoyable.


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Sally71, violins?


When I was about 7 years old I had violin lessons. It sounded horrible. Worse, I was closest to the noise. And it hurt my fingers too. And and I had a horrible teacher. I gave up fairly early on.

I think the world is a better place that I gave it up. Never wanted to play the bagpipes. But, oboe, ohhh yes, beautiful instrument.

Chris Hobson

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At present I couldn't imagine doing between four and eight hours of practise. After an hour or two my brain reaches saturation point and I feel that practicing any more would be pointless. This might be down to the fact that I have three pieces that I more or less know and can just play through to get them sounding professional. Practising these isn't too mentally draining. However, the pieces that I am still learning require quite intense concentration for a person of limited ability. Being retired means that I can take a break and then go back to it. When I was first learning I had to do all of my practicing after work when I was already tired.