I need some advice on taking metaformin and glyburide together


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My boyfriend has type 2 diabetes and has been prescribed glyburide [glibernclamide] (2.5mg) and metformin (500mg). He also takes lisinopril (40mg) for high blood pressure.
I have read that studies have shown that taking glyburide and metformin is very dangerous:

This drug is a major cause of drug induced hypoglycemia. Cholestatic jaundice is noted.
Recently published data suggests that glibenclamide is associated with significantly higher annual mortality when combined with metformin than other insulin-secreting medications, after correcting for other potentially confounding patient characteristics. The safety of this combination has been questioned.[2]


Does anyone know more about this? I want my boyfriend to eat the right things and get more exercise and hopefully become healthy enough that he doesn't need these drugs. Is this possible? And should he stop taking this medication?

Many thanks