Hiya to you all, i have just signed up and hoping to get some help from anyone who can. Want to say Many Thanks for all your help in advance.


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I am wondering if anyone has had the same problem. I use the Glucomen areo2K blood glucose monitor, while printing off my results earlier i have noticed that on the 9/10/20 the date jumped on the same day to 9/10/24?? Does anyone know why this would happen??
Also the results have only printed up until the 6/4/25. I know this is wrong as i check my sugar levels at least 3 times per day and the date is wrong as it should read 6/4/21. Please HELP!!


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Have you tried ringing Menarini Diagnostics - do they still have a UK presence though, cos their website doesn't open?


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Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your BG meter @Mags69

It’s not one i have used I’m afraid.

Have you checked the time/date settings? Can you reset it to today’s date?