Healthy Oat Waffles???


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I am really new to diabetes and getting my head around what I can and cannot eat.
Please can someone tell me if the following link would be suitable for T2. I work shifts and these would be really good if they are ok as I can prepare in advance,

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Oh good grief - healthy - free of refined sugar and high protein!!
Sorry - I am really getting a bit miffed about all this healthy malarkey. Newly diagnosed diabetics, particularly type twos are not being told that their problem is with carbohydrate - the things those waffles are basically stuffed so full of there is little room for anything else.
Carbohydrate is not an essential foodstuff, we can all live with a lot less of it than we are told, and told and told again (sorry off again)
If you want to have something which will help consider cheese waffles - or chaffles. They are basically egg and grated cheese, but there are lots of different recipes, you can make them savoury or sweet plain or fancy. They make ideal portable food and can be kept in the fridge to be handy.
When I was first diagnosed though I always had cheese, roast chicken hardboiled eggs and a spoon in the fridge to sort out any need for instant eating.


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Hi @KelsBels :) Are you on any medication? Those waffles look yummy but I’m Type 1 so use insulin. If you’re diet-treated, you’ll need to see how they work for you. They each have around 30g carbs so it depends on how many carbs you’re aiming for a day.

Do you test your blood sugar? The advice to Eat To Your Meter is very good. That is, let your blood sugar results guide you in your food choices.


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Welcome to the forum @KelsBels

I agree with @Inka - the only way to know for sure would be check your results before and after with a BG meter.

There would me more vitamins and fibre in these than in white flour/sugar versions - so that’s a big plus! But it’s hard to know whether their effect on your BG would be all that different.

Everyone‘s response to different types and amounts of carbohydrates differs, depending on your particular metabolism, gut biome and other factors - so it can be very difficult to make anything other than general predictions from a recipe unfortunately.

Personally I don’t tend to find whole meal flour differs on rate of absorption all that much from white flour, and reactions to oats can again be quite different. They are pretty ‘middling’ for me, so a useful ingredient, but I don’t really get the ‘slow steady release’ that their reputation suggests.

While the recipe doesn’t contain sucrose (table sugar), it is sweetened by two bananas - so the speed of absorption would be very much dependent on how you get on bananas (fast for me) with the mix of ingredients.

With a BG meter you would be able to check and know for sure whether these were any different in absorption speed to other options for you.

Let us know how you get on if you try them :)