Good Morning Everyone


Relationship to Diabetes
Type 1
Hi everyone!

Diagnosed yesterday as Type 1, shocked to be honest as I thought I was fairly healthy and as a 27 year old man I didnt think I was at risk. Shows how much I know!!!!

Looking forward to getting to know some of you and hopefully learning as much as possible about the condition.

Bye for now!!!


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Relationship to Diabetes
Type 1
Hi Lemit, welcome to the group - you found the right place quickly! I was/am healthy at age 50, so I understand what it feels like to be suddenly told you have something like this.


Relationship to Diabetes
Type 1
welcome to the club no-one wants to join!

I was a healthy, active, normal weight when diagnosed Type 1 aged 30 year old - and still am, just 12 years older.

However, it's not a club I'd want anyone to have to join!