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Hi folks, newbie here - I'm wondering if there is anyone who has gone down the gastric band route who would be willing to share their experience. I feel it's drastic but may be the only way I am going to lose the huge amount of weight I need to lose to be healthy again.


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I would not advise it - I lost 50lb without even trying by eating low carb. I have huge salads, bit stirfries, lots to eat, and don't gain weight, because it is all low carb. I eat roast meat, or fish, eggs, cheese, put cream in my coffee. I don't need something to restrict the amount I can eat.
For decades I got the eat less, eat low fat eat fibrous carbs, cut out this that or the other - never carbs though. I only ever flet right eating low carb foods, and I only ever lost weight eating them. On a low fat high carb diet I got to 264lb before I stopped weighing.
I won't say more than having a gastric band fitted is not totally safe, just that I really do advise to think again about what you need to do to lower weight. You probably do not need to lose weight to control your diabetes, no matter what you have been told. If an ordinary type two starts to eat low carb then you start back towards normal blood glucose levels from that moment.

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I think there are pros and cons to bariatric surgery. I have no experience, but if you want advice Obesity UK have a large Facebook group and there is a group dedicated to bariatric surgery.


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Hi Nippysweetie, and welcome to the forum.
As you have already been told, Gastric bands are not as safe or as simple as you probably thought.
They don't even always work to reduce your weigh. After the first year or so many people try to cheat them them and so start putting the weight back on. Having a Gastric Band won't cure a bad relationship to food (such as sugar/carb addiction).

There are plenty of cases of morbidly obese doctors losing up to 200lbs in weight without starving themselves (or needing ugly loose skin surgically removed) just by changing to a Low Carb High(er) Natural Fats 'Way Of Eating'. I can't imagine that you need to lose more weight than some of these US doctors did.
One who is active on Twitter is @DoctorTro

Here is a Blog article by Amy Eiges who was a patient and I think now works for his practice @AmyDee1001 on Twitter.

Videos featuring Dr Robert Cywes may be of interest to you. He is a Gastric Bypass surgeon who seems to spend most of his time persuading people not to have the operation - in other words working against his own financial interests @ObesityResolved on Twitter.
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Welcome to the forum @Nippysweetie

I’m afraid I can’t think of any current members who have had gastric surgery (though perhaps your post will encourage some ‘lurkers‘ to begin posting?)

Gastric bands have been mentioned a few times over the years, but not by anyone currently posting