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Type 2

I am currently taking 0.5mg of Ozempic and 2 x 1000mg of Metformin a day for my T2 diabetes. However, the week before my period and during that week i literally have no motivation and am so tired. I take the contraceptive pill so my period is just a 7 day break, does anyone else get like this? I do try and watch what i eat to manage my blood sugars and do this even more so around this time but i still feel so fatigued.


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Relationship to Diabetes
Type 2
Yes I get like that and if your blood sugars are high like mine are sometimes.I get very tire and nap maybe two or three times a day.I think you should check your blood sugars with blood tester if over 10 this might be why your feeling so tire.But please check with GP or your diabetes nurse.


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Sorry to hear you are struggling with fatigue @Meadsar

Do you check your BG levels at home? Do you know if the tiredness is associated with either higher or lower BGs than you are used to?