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Relationship to Diabetes
Hi All,

My daughter is 6 years old and we are coming up to our 1 year post diagnosis. Mabel (Our daughter) has taken it all in her stride however we are very conscious that she dosen't have any friends or know other children of a smiliar age with Type 1 that she can socialise with.

We live in Dorset and would like to know if there are any groups where parents and Children with type 1 can meet/communicate and any events that are organised to enable family's to meet?

Thanks in advance.
Welcome @Jenks82 :) Do you know about these?:

Also talk to your diabetes team. Ours do an annual year group event for all their kids which can be a day in a village hall doing activities or a day out at a local adventure place of similar. Covid interrupted it all a bit but they’re back doing them now.
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