weight management

  1. ColinUK


    I just went to one for the first time in living memory! Nothing too ridiculous but 15 mins treadmill, 10 on the x-trainer and then some very low weight chest press and even lower weight shoulder press. And I’ve booked a space in a yoga class next Wednesday evening. :)
  2. ColinUK

    Weight loss ups and downs - 800 Calorie - Newcastle

    Diagnosed last week. In a rather unsatisfactory manner. (See my Bit of a Shock) thread in Newbies. I’ve been 16st something for a while now and I know I really needed to shift at least three stone... worth noting that max weight over the last four years has been recorded at 17 1/2 stone. Just...
  3. L

    I've been recently diagonised and I'm terrified I'm going to die young

    I can't stop crying. I've tried so hard to keep myself healthy and would only snack in moderation. I feel like I'm forever cursed. I'm scared I'm going to die before I'm 30. I know I will because I'm handicapped, yes, I can do things but I can't cope by myself, I find cooking so complicated and...
  4. N

    Over Weight but cannot exercise for very long

    I have been type 2 for more than 6 years. To cut a long story short, my most pressing concern is weight. My blood sugar is well controlled. I have CKD and that is one of the causes of lower legs swelling. My Doctor is not happy to continue water tablets as they effect the kidneys. I weigh 108Kg...
  5. R

    Diabetic parent risking his health :-(

    My father is T2 diabetic, diagnosed 16 years ago. He is 63 and I am 36. Over time his condition has progressed and he is now on insulin injections and has circulation issues in his feet. With this being the case I find it incredibly frustrating that he behaves as though he doesn't have the...