weight gain

  1. F

    Putting on weight?

    I am slowly putting on weight especially around the middle. Type 2 and inject insulin which I have been for five years, is this normal when using insulin. I play golf and walk a lot but can’t seem to keep the weight off, any ideas.
  2. Lauren8443

    Weight gain

    Hi.... up until I got married about 1 year ago I was always on 17.5 units of Degludec (basal) since getting married, my diabetic diet has a gone a little out the window. I have had to increase my basal from 17.5 and it’s now 23 units. I feel hugely bloated and in actual fact feel uncomfortable...
  3. C

    Weight gain/protein shakes

    hi people, so I’m wanting to get back in the gym to get fit and healthy again and I was wondering how it works taking protein shakes( while keeping my insulin intake with the carbs) and just general weight gain tips for a type 1 diabetic overall? Please help
  4. A

    A lost case perhaps

    Thank you so much for letting me join this esteemed forum. I am diabetic for the last 4 years. A short time before that I had this problem of breathlessness on less than normal activity and my lower back started to hurt badly on walking a few paces or even standing for more than a few seconds...
  5. Sharon Barker

    WW / SW / Weigh loss help please!

    Hey folks, I'm desperate for some weight loss advice please. I've been a T1 diabetic for 5.5 years and this last 6 months weight loss is becoming a nightmare. It started at Christmas when I was having real trouble controlling my sugars and had to use a corrective dose on and off for three...
  6. C

    Type 1 diabetes protein shake/weight gainer use advice?

    Hi I am wanting to start the gym again(first time since being diagnosed) and was wondering how does it all work with exercise,using a weight gainer/protein shake use I.e can I take it? Will I have to inject insulin as usual or?
  7. foxont

    New here

    Hi Folks I have been type two since 2014. When I was first diagnosed I didn’t believe or accept it as I had no symptoms whatsoever and carried on in my own little world until 2016 when I was put on metformin. I take two a day. I need to lose weight and find it difficult to find a diet that...
  8. Paul Ellis

    Any skinnies on here?

    I am almost 60 years old. Never been a "big" guy. I am 5'11" and never weighed more than 10.5 stones in my life. As a recently (yesterday!!!) diagnosed T2 diabetic, currently at about 9 stones, all the forums talk about weight loss. I need the reverse! Any ideas?
  9. U

    Gaining Weight

    Hello All, I was wondering whether there was any way to try to gain weight in a healthy weight despite having type 2 diabetes. The excessive weight loss that comes with type 2 diabetes is something I have come to accept. However, I am trying to gain muscle mass again, and I was wondering...
  10. T

    New type 1.5 trying to put on weight.

    Hi. I'm in London, diagnosed type 2 in 2014, then LADA / type 1.5 in Feb 2016. I take levomir & novorapid. My blood sugars are falling and I hope to level out at normal levels in the next few weeks, but I'm also trying to put on some weight. Is anyone else in the same boat?
  11. D

    Weight gain on Liraglutide (Victoza)

    (Moderators: Please move this post if appropriate) Hello All, I have been a type 2 diabetic for about 20 years and until 2 weeks ago was on M3 Insulin (30u) and Metformin. I have always struggled to get my levels into normal values. I am also overweight at 100KG with a BMI of 34.4. I also...