t2 diabetes

  1. ColinUK


    I just went to one for the first time in living memory! Nothing too ridiculous but 15 mins treadmill, 10 on the x-trainer and then some very low weight chest press and even lower weight shoulder press. And I’ve booked a space in a yoga class next Wednesday evening. :)
  2. ColinUK

    Weight loss ups and downs - 800 Calorie - Newcastle

    Diagnosed last week. In a rather unsatisfactory manner. (See my Bit of a Shock) thread in Newbies. I’ve been 16st something for a while now and I know I really needed to shift at least three stone... worth noting that max weight over the last four years has been recorded at 17 1/2 stone. Just...
  3. L

    Diagnosed T2 - But 14 yrs on a Low Carb diet

    Hi I'm a newbie I went to the Drs as I had symptoms of Gall bladder/pancreas problems [still waiting on a scan] which have been exacerbated by work related stress [overwork] also it's just been the 20 yr anniversary of mums death from pancreatic cancer. So stress overload and had a BP of 175...